Breaking News: Nollywood mourns as Mr ibu dies at 62

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, a Lagos hospital confirmed the death of veteran actor John Okafor, also referred to as Mr. Ibu. Okafor was well-liked for his comedic appearances in films and Skits. According to reports, he experienced a Cardiac arrest.

His passing occurred in Osun State, just twenty-four hours after that of another actor, Quadri Oyebamiji, also known as Sisi Quadri.

Breaking News: Nollywood mourns as Mr ibu dies at 62

In respect to the late Okafor, Emeka Rollas, president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, posted on Instagram, “Sad day for the Actors Guild of Nigeria. Kate Henshaw’s mother died earlier today, and Mr Ibu suffered a cardiac arrest, according to his manager of 24 years, Don Nwuzor. I regret to inform you that Mr Ibu did not survive. May his soul rest peacefully.”

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Remember that he had been battling illness for a long time, eventually resulting to the amputation of his legs. This came after he asked his followers and members of the public to pray for him and provide financial support to fund his medical expenses.

However, as the actor lay in his hospital bed, members of his family appeared to be in a furious struggles, accusing each other of seeking to take advantage of the money given by members of the public.

Remember that the actor was also accused of having an affair with his adoptive daughter, Chioma (Jasmine), though both parties disputed the claims.

Indeed, the actor’s latter years were turbulent. He claimed on various occasions to have survived multiple poisoning attempts. According to him, three attempts were made on his life, but he survived all three.

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Sisi Quadri and Deji Akinremi, also known as Olofa Ina, are two actors that died this year.

Cardiac arrest is different from heart attack, don’t confuse the both:

  • Cardiac arrest is an electrical problem where a malfunction in the heart’s electrical system causes it to stop beating normally. The heart is controlled by regular electrical impulses that make it beat. When Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens, these electrical impulses become scrambled and the heart can no longer pump blood effectively (containing oxygen that is necessary for life) throughout the body. 
  • By contrast, a heart attack is when the blood supply to the heart is cut off due to a blockage in an artery. This blockage causes damage to the heart and the muscle begins to die. 

cardiac arrest describes when the heart suddenly stops beating properly. Cardiac arrest can occur in an individual who has been diagnosed with a pre-existing heart condition or in people who are seemingly healthy while A heart attack happens when the blood flow to the heart is cut off, which prevents the heart from receiving sufficient oxygen. Blood flow becomes restricted when one or more of the coronary arteries become blocked. A blockage in these arteries deprives the heart from receiving enough oxygen to function properly.

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