LendYou payday loan, everything you need to know


The bitter truth that hits the states of America is the weight of the economic crisis and so many homes are being drained financially and barely can their monthly income cover up their weekly expenses.


For years trying to figure out a means through which poverty can be eradicated has been the uttermost goal of the American government but all to no avail.

Based on research, the rate of people being affected since the COVID 19 pandemic struck till date is extremely high.

It isn’t easy not being able to source out your electricity bills, your taxes and most especially for families in the United States to carter for their children’s fees.

Most average income earners barely have enough to even sustain them for the month; this also doesn’t exclude the entrepreneurs going through tons of crisis in their businesses as a result of low materials to execute certain projects in their fields and this is as a result of lack of capitals.

Here’s a short story of Mrs. Helen Sturridge. She’s a widow who lost her husband during the pandemic that struck in the year 2020.

She had the plans of starting out a business but she never had anything in her mind and recently she had just been laid off by her employers at the restaurant where she worked for over 5 years as the manager.

Going through this phase of her life was truly not good with 3 kids to feed in New York and knowing how costly it is to live in New York as an average person. For months not recorded, her kids stayed home without knowing the corners of school.

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They got evicted from the flat they lived in due to rent overdue. She started moving from place to place trying to see if she could get some work to do so that the kids could have something to feed.

She beckoned on her family to help her but as usual everyone said that there was nothing in their pockets to even help her survive.

Months after staying under the bridges with most homeless refugees, she resulted to dropping off her kids to the orphanage so they would be able to have a little bit of comfort there while she goes all out in search of work until she finally got the work of a housemaid which was how she was able to live in the house of her employer and eat.

Thanks to the leverage of her mobile phone, she got updated about a third party loan agency online that would be sure to loan her up to $40k to have a business startup with low interest rates.

She got her phone one day and went online, registered and filled up her details and got some extra funds to startup a business. Right from time, she had passion for ice cream and decided to secret buy the equipment’s to startup the ice cream business.

During her free hours from the house, she would go out and sale and in a day, she would make so much that after a month she quit her job and moved into her own apartment with enough money gathered.

Then she went back to bring her 3 kids and to cut this story short, she’s now living fine and her kids are back to school with she being the CEO of a small ice cream factory with over 50 workers she pays.

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Most of you are going through some devastating financial problems but not to worry, the same loaning agency that turned Helen from a broke mother of 3 into a CEO of 50 workers is ready to take up your case to the next level. 

LendYou.com is a third party loaning agency which its aim is to reduce the rate of poverty in the United States and ensure that the day to day bills of the American citizens are 100% sorted out and with their loan offers to benefit a wide range of states and individuals in the United States. Click Here to get started…..

Just as it comes, it’s major targets counts to mostly females and the African Americans but it’s still open to all. From our research and collective info’s gathered about the company their aim to eradicate poverty is extremely high and this would be an advantage to low income earners, renters and also individuals from ages of 22 – 45yrs.

Unlike most loan companies in the United States LendYou has strong reasons as to why it’s loan counts from the ages of 22 – 45yrs….

We are truly yet to see a more valid and paying loan institution that pays as high as LendYou with low interest rates and in matter of minutes your loans are proceeded and the funds is directly disbursed to your account. 

For most loan companies both offline and online a great number of the US citizens complain of having their money’s shortened rather than getting the exact amount they applied for and they aren’t being able to accomplish that which the loan was taken for but yet have to payback with high interest whereas on the ends of LendYou it is completely different…

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Here are a few things to look at before applying for a LendYou.com loan offer

LendYou.com is not a lender and does not make short term loan or credit decision. They are a loan connecting service where by the connect their consumers with independent third party lenders. Click here


  • It’s a completely easy process
  • All credit history are welcome
  • Can get started anywhere and anytime
  • 100% loan guarantee 

Having read this, here are two things you should know before clicking on apply


It’s a small (usually under $1,000), short-term, no-collateral, cash advance. They are backed by future income, such as your next paycheck, a dividend or other type of regular income, and the term of the loan is usually 30 days or less.


It’s a small (usually under $5,000), short-term, no-collateral, cash advance. They are backed by future income, such as your next paycheck, a dividend or other type of regular income, and are paid back in a set number of scheduled payments.

Having read all this, I believe you should be able to place your first loan application with ease that LendYou will deliver right?

So click the Link to get started Lendyou.com

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