ISWAP Fighters Kill Three In Borno Community

In various attacks in the Damboa Local Government Area of Borno State, at least three people have been slain by alleged Islamic State of West Africa Province fighters (ISWAP).

ISWAP Fighters Kill Three In Borno Community

Furthermore, rumors circulated that two vigilante members were killed by explosives on Thursday while forces were clearing an area in Damboa’s western region.

A security source told Daily Trust that two persons were instantaneously killed when the motorcycle-riding citizens trod on planted explosive devices by accident.

He said that yesterday morning, deceased people were transported to Damboa town to participate in Islamic funeral customs.

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He said that a landmine set by ISWAP fighters to sabotage operations in the Damboa Council Area claimed the lives of two civilians who had assisted them during the clearance operation.

Likewise, it was discovered that farmers have been terrorized by ISWAP fighters since Monday.

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Furthermore, it was discovered that during the previous five days, farmers had had more than fifty bicycles snatched from them by the banned gang.

Farmers have lost roughly fifty-seven bicycles to ISWAP fighters this week alone. These fighters targeted the farmers on a daily basis on their farmlands. They threatened to murder them if they didn’t give up their bikes.

One of the victims said, “They took all of our phones, water, and money.”

The army hasn’t released a comment regarding the most recent attack yet.

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