How to pay for apple music in Nigeria

Apple Music, with its vast library and curated playlists, is a haven for music lovers worldwide. However, for users in Nigeria, subscribing to this service can present a unique challenge: payment methods. Unlike many countries, Nigerian debit cards are not yet universally accepted by Apple for direct subscriptions.

How to pay for apple music in Nigeria

This blog post delves into the various options available to Nigerian users to pay for Apple Music, providing a clear and comprehensive guide to keep your music flowing without interruption. We’ll also answer the frequently asked question: How to check your Apple Gift Card balance.

Understanding the Payment methods in Nigeria

The primary reason why Nigerian debit cards face compatibility issues with Apple’s payment system lies in currency discrepancies. The App Store operates primarily in USD, while Nigerian Naira (NGN) is the local currency. This difference can lead to processing hurdles and potential exchange rate fluctuations.

But Several alternative avenues exist to ensure your Apple Music subscription stays active:

1. Use Apple Gift Cards:

Apple Gift Cards are prepaid cards redeemable for various Apple services, including Apple Music subscriptions. They come in various denominations, offering flexibility and control over your spending. Here’s how to utilize them:

  • Purchase: You can buy Apple Gift Cards online from authorized retailers within Nigeria or through international platforms like Amazon (ensure international shipping is available). Physical stores like authorized Apple resellers may also offer them.
  • Redeem: Open the App Store app on your device and tap on your profile picture (top right corner). Select “Redeem Gift Card or Code” and enter the 16-digit code from your gift card. The balance will be added to your Apple ID account, which you can then use to subscribe to Apple Music.
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2. Leverage Mobile Phone Billing (MTN only):

If you’re an MTN subscriber in Nigeria, you have the exclusive option to directly charge your Apple Music subscription to your airtime balance. This eliminates the need for international cards or gift cards, offering a convenient and familiar payment method.

Here’s how to activate this method:

  • Dial *447# on your MTN line.
  • Select “2” for New Services.
  • Choose “4” for Apple Music.
  • Opt for “1” for a 6-month free trial (if you’re new) or “2” to renew an existing subscription.
  • Confirm the transaction by following the on-screen prompts.

3. Explore Alternative Payment Solutions:

Several Nigerian-based fintech platforms offer virtual cards or international payment solutions that can be used for Apple Music subscriptions. These services often involve linking your local bank account or mobile money wallet to a virtual card denominated in USD. Popular options include:

  • Payday: This platform provides virtual dollar cards that can be used for international transactions, including Apple Music subscriptions.
  • Chipper Cash: Similar to Payday, Chipper Cash offers virtual dollar cards with the added benefit of peer-to-peer money transfers.

4. Domiciliary Accounts:

For users with consistent international transactions, opening a domiciliary account with a Nigerian bank can be a long-term solution. These accounts are denominated in USD, allowing you to request a dollar-denominated debit card directly linked to your account. This eliminates currency conversion issues and allows for seamless Apple Music subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Question:

How to Check Your Apple Gift Card Balance?

Checking your Apple Gift Card balance is a straightforward process:

  • Open the App Store app on your device.
  • Tap on your profile picture (top right corner).
  • Select “View Apple ID” and sign in with your Apple ID password.
  • Under “Payment & Shipping,” you’ll see your Apple ID balance, which reflects the remaining balance of any redeemed gift cards.
How else can I pay for Apple Music in Nigeria?

Add Vella Mastercard To Your Apple Account

Adding a valid and reliable payment method like Vella Mastercard is all you need to make in-app purchases on Apple and renew subscriptions seamlessly.

Which card works for Apple Music in Nigeria?

ALAT Virtual Dollar Card allows you to make smooth Apple music payments in Nigeria. It is fast, reliable, and has minimal restrictions.

How do I pay for Apple Music with MTN?

This article shows how to subscribe to Apple Music on the MTN mobile network.

  1. Via USSD: Dial *447# > Select New services > Select 4 Apple Music > Select 1 for free and 2 for paid.
  2. Via SMS: Send “Music” for a monthly subscription to 8000.
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How do I pay my Apple Music subscription?

Just set up a payment method — Apple Pay, Apple Gift Card, mobile phone billing, or a credit or debit card — and you’re good to go. You can also manage multiple subscriptions and purchases for your family, across all your Apple devices.

Can Nigerian cards pay for Apple Music?

When your Nigerian cards don’t work on the App Store, this is your next move to pay for Apple Music. Paying an Apple Music Nigeria subscription can be unnecessarily difficult because most Nigerian cards don’t work on the Apple App Store, but you can pay easily with MTN airtime.

Why can’t I pay for Apple Music with my Nigerian card?

However, many Nigerians still have their Nigerian payment cards rejected upon subscribing to the service. It is a known fact that a preponderance of Nigerian debit cards have a monthly dollar limit of between $20 and $50, and an Apple Music subscription is considerably lower than the monthly dollar limit.

Why is Apple Music rejecting my card?

There are a number of reasons the charge or verification might be declined: Apple is not allowed to accept credit or debit cards in your country. The card is not recognized in your country. Insufficient balance or account in arrears.

Why is Apple not accepting my debit card?

you may need to request your card-provider to allow payments to Apple again. If the verification fails and you are using a separate ID for iCloud and Media & Purchases ensure payment details for both are correct. Payments and Shipping details do not copy through to Media & Purchase details.

Can I use Chipper cash to pay for Apple Music?

Chipper Cash is a mobile app that allows you to send and receive money, pay bills, and make online purchases. With Chipper Cash, you can create a virtual card that can be used to pay for services like Apple Music, even if your Nigerian ATM card is restricted.

What payment methods does Apple Music accept?

Payment methods

  • Apple Pay.
  • Apple Card.
  • Credit Cards or Debit Cards.
  • PayPal.
  • Apple Business Lease (AFS Commercial Credit)
  • Apple Gift Cards.
  • Apple Account Balance.
How do I pay for Apple Music with Airtel?

Via USSD: Dial *447# > Select New services > Select 4 Apple Music > select 1 for free and 2 for paid. Via SMS: Send “Music” for a monthly subscription to 8000.

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Can I use Apple Music without payment method?

No, To make purchases from the App Store and use subscriptions like iCloud+ and Apple Music, you need at least one payment method on file.”

How do I purchase Apple Music?

Buy music from the iTunes Store on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the iTunes Store app.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Music.
  3. Find the song or album that you want to buy.
  4. Tap the price next to a song or album.
  5. Sign in with your Apple ID and password to complete your purchase. 
How do I add money to my Apple ID in Nigeria?

Add money to your Apple Account balance

  1. Open the App Store app.
  2. Tap your photo, initials, or the sign-in button at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap “Add Money to Account.”
  4. To add funds instantly, tap the amount that you want to add. …
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the purchase.
How do I use Apple Pay in Nigeria?

All Apple Pay does is to combine your iPhone alongside your Touch ID and Face ID with a one-step payment process all combined into a security safe pattern. The theory of Apple pay is this, place your phone’s top close to an NFC card terminal, locate your Touch ID sensor and you are gone to go.

How much does Apple Music charge in Naira?

Apple Music is available on both Android and iOS devices, so you can take your favorite tunes with you wherever you go. Both prepaid and postpaid MTN customer can enjoy Apple Music. The first 6 months is FREE, and after that you will be charged N1000/month.

Is Apple Pay available in Nigeria?

Apple Pay is available to Ghanaian, Ivoirian, Kenyan, Nigerian, and South African merchants who want to accept payments from users in the US, UK, Canada, and other countries where Apple Pay is supported. The merchant must enable international payments, and this channel supports GHS, NGN, KES, ZAR and USD* currencies.


While the lack of direct debit card compatibility for Apple Music subscriptions in Nigeria presents a hurdle, several effective and convenient alternative payment methods exist. By utilizing Apple Gift Cards, mobile phone billing (MTN only), exploring alternative payment solutions, or considering domiciliary accounts, Nigerian users can continue to enjoy the extensive music library and personalized experience offered by Apple Music.

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