How to Get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Nigeria Online

In Nigeria, a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a crucial requirement for individuals and businesses engaging in various financial activities.

How to Get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Nigeria Online

It serves as a unique identifier used by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to track tax compliance and facilitate efficient tax administration. Obtaining a TIN is a straightforward process, and you can conveniently apply for it online through the Joint Tax Board (JTB) portal.

This blog post will guide you through the steps involved in acquiring your TIN online in Nigeria. We’ll address common questions and provide additional information to ensure a smooth application process.

Who Needs a TIN in Nigeria?

  • Individuals: If you earn income from employment, investments, or own a business, you’ll need a TIN to fulfill your tax obligations.
  • Businesses: All registered businesses in Nigeria, including companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships, require a TIN for tax purposes.

Benefits of Obtaining a TIN:

  • Facilitates tax compliance: Having a TIN simplifies filing tax returns and paying taxes electronically.
  • Accesses government services: A TIN is often mandatory for accessing various government services, such as opening bank accounts, applying for business permits, and participating in government tenders.
  • Boosts financial credibility: A TIN can enhance your financial credibility and facilitate business transactions.

Steps to Get Your TIN Online in Nigeria:

  1. Visit the JTB TIN Registration Portal: Access the official JTB TIN Registration portal at
  2. Choose your registration type: Select whether you are registering as an individual or a non-individual (company, partnership, etc.).
  3. Individual Registration:
    • Provide personal details: Enter your name, date of birth, nationality, and preferred contact information.
    • Choose verification method: Select your preferred verification method from the following options:
      • National Identification Number (NIN): This is the most recommended option as it offers faster processing.
      • Bank Verification Number (BVN): You can use your BVN if you don’t have a NIN.
      • Registered phone number: This option may take longer for verification.
    • Upload supporting documents: Depending on your chosen verification method, you may need to upload scanned copies of your NIN slip, BVN printout, or valid government-issued ID.
    • Review and submit your application: Carefully review your application details and submit it electronically.
  4. Non-Individual Registration:
    • Company/business details: Provide your company name, registration number, business type, and contact information.
    • Director’s information: Enter the details of a company director, including their NIN/BVN and valid ID.
    • Upload supporting documents: Upload scanned copies of your Certificate of Incorporation, director’s NIN slip/BVN printout, and director’s valid ID.
    • Review and submit your application: Thoroughly review your application information and submit it electronically.
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Processing Time and Receiving Your TIN:

  • Once you submit your application, it will be processed by the JTB within 48 hours.
  • You will receive your TIN electronically via your registered email address.
  • You can also download your TIN certificate from the JTB portal after successful registration.

Additional Information:

  • Existing TIN verification: If you’re unsure whether you already have a TIN, you can verify your status using the JTB TIN Verification portal.
  • Lost or damaged TIN: In case you lose your TIN certificate, you can request a replacement online through the JTB portal.
  • Seeking assistance: For further assistance or clarification, you can contact the FIRS customer care line or visit their nearest office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What documents do I need to get a TIN online?
    • The required documents vary depending on your registration type (individual or non-individual) and chosen verification method. Refer to the steps outlined above for specific document requirements.
  • Is there a fee for obtaining a TIN?
    • No, applying for and obtaining a TIN in Nigeria is free of charge.
  • How long does it take to get a TIN online?
    • The processing time is typically 48 hours after submitting your application.
  • Can I apply for a TIN on behalf of someone else?
    • No, you can only apply for a TIN for yourself or your registered business.

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