How to Activate UBA Transfer Code: A Step-by-Step Guide

United Bank for Africa (UBA) offers a convenient and secure way to manage your finances through their USSD transfer code.

This code allows you to perform various banking transactions like transfers, airtime top-up, bill payments, and balance inquiries directly from your mobile phone, even without internet access.

How to Activate UBA Transfer Code

If you’re a UBA account holder and want to unlock the benefits of USSD banking, activating the transfer code is the first step.

This guide will walk you through the process in a simple and straightforward manner.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Your UBA account number
  • The mobile phone number linked to your UBA account
  • Your UBA debit card PIN (optional)

Steps to Activate UBA Transfer Code:

  1. *919# on your mobile phone. Ensure you’re using the same phone number registered with your UBA account.
  2. Review and accept the UBA mobile banking terms and conditions. You’ll see a prompt asking you to “Accept” or “Decline.” Select “Accept” to proceed.
  3. Choose an option. You’ll be presented with two options:
    • Sign Up: Select this option if you’re a new user and haven’t previously activated the UBA transfer code.
    • Change PIN: This option allows you to change your existing USSD PIN if you’ve already activated the service.
  4. For new users (Sign Up):
    • Enter your UBA account number.
    • Create a 4-digit PIN for future USSD transactions. This PIN will be used to authenticate your identity for secure banking.
    • Confirm your PIN by re-entering it.
  5. For existing users (Change PIN):
    • Enter your existing 4-digit USSD PIN.
    • Create a new 4-digit PIN.
    • Confirm your new PIN by re-entering it.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully activated your UBA transfer code. Now you can start using it to perform various banking transactions.

Using the UBA Transfer Code:

Once activated, you can access the UBA transfer code menu by dialing *919# again. The menu will provide you with various options, including:

  • Transfer: Send money to other UBA accounts or accounts in other banks.
  • Airtime Top-Up: Recharge your own phone or another phone with airtime.
  • Bill Payment: Pay bills for various services like utilities and cable TV.
  • Balance Inquiry: Check your account balance.
  • Mini-Statement: View recent transactions on your account.
  • Change PIN: Modify your USSD PIN for security purposes.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is there a fee for activating the UBA transfer code?

No, activating the UBA transfer code is free. However, standard transaction charges may apply when using the service for specific actions like transfers or bill payments. Refer to UBA’s website or mobile app for detailed information on transaction fees.

2. What if I forget my USSD PIN?

If you forget your USSD PIN, you can’t retrieve it. However, you can easily reset it by following the steps mentioned above under the “Change PIN” option.

3. Can I use the UBA transfer code on any phone?

Yes, the UBA transfer code is accessible on all mobile phone types and networks within Nigeria.

4. Is USSD banking safe?

UBA employs robust security measures to ensure the safety of your transactions. However, it’s crucial to protect your PIN and avoid sharing it with anyone. Additionally, be cautious of suspicious messages or prompts while using USSD banking.

5. What other features does the UBA transfer code offer?

Besides transfers, airtime top-up, and bill payments, the UBA transfer code allows you to:

  • Check your account balance
  • Buy data bundles
  • Pay for cable TV subscriptions
  • Make quick cash withdrawals (depending on your account type)
  • Link beneficiaries for faster transfers.

What if I don’t have a UBA account? You can open a UBA account online, at any UBA branch, or through a mobile banking agent.

Can I use the UBA transfer code on any phone? Yes, the UBA transfer code works on all mobile phones with USSD functionality.

Is the UBA transfer code safe? UBA uses secure technology to protect your transactions. However, it’s important to be vigilant and avoid sharing your PIN or other sensitive information with anyone.

What is the UBA transfer code?

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A: The UBA transfer code is *919#.

Q: Do I need internet access to activate the UBA transfer code?

A: No, internet access is not required for activation. You can activate the code using any mobile network.

Q: What if I forget my PIN?

A: You can select the “Change PIN” option on the *919# menu to reset your PIN. You will need your debit card details and a valid OTP to proceed.

Q: Are there any charges for using the UBA transfer code?

A: UBA may apply minimal charges for certain transactions performed using the USSD service. Refer to UBA’s website or contact customer care for the latest fee structure.

Send money to a UBA account

Dial *919*3*account number*amount# from the phone number you registered with UBA, then follow the simple steps.

Send money to a UBA Prepaid Card

Dial *919*32# from the phone number you registered with UBA

Send money to other banks

Dial *919*4*account number*amount# from the phone number you registered with UBA

Send Money to Microfinance Banks, Fintechs & Other institutions

Dial *919*6# from the phone

Transaction Limits

S/NMethod of AuthorizationPer transactionPer Daily
2Secure pass (Token)₦20,000₦100,000
3Secure Pass and Indemnity₦500,000₦1,000,000

Transaction Charges

S/NTransaction typeTransaction Band (₦)Charge (₦)
1Send Money to UBA AccountAll20
2Send Money to Another bank₦0 – ₦5000₦10 + VAT
  ₦5,001 – ₦50,000₦20 + VAT
  Above ₦50,000₦50 + VAT
3Send Money to Prepaid CardAll₦50 + VAT

Airtime top up for self

Simply dial *919*amount# on your registered mobile line (e.g. *919*1000#)

Airtime top up for family and friends

Simply dial *919*Phone Number* Amount# (e.g. *919*08123456789*1000#)

Data top up for self

Simply dial *919*14# on your registered mobile line.

Data top up for family and friends

Simply dial *919*14*Phone Number# on your registered mobile line.


Transaction Limits

Airtime purchase is limited to ₦20,000 per day and only PIN authentication is required.

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Transaction Charges

S/NTransaction typeCharge (₦)
1Buy Airtime (self)Free
2Buy Airtime (3rd party)Free
3Buy Data (self)Free
4Buy Data (3rd Party)Free

How to pay for your flight

  • – Dial *919*12#
  • – Input 4-digit PIN and select the bank account to pay from
  • – Select desired airline and input flight PNR (Passenger Name Record)
  • – Input the phone number of the passenger and payment amount (Passenger Name Record)
  • – That’s it. Flight paid!

UBA Codes that help you fly

S/NAirline Tickets Menu *919*12# 
1Ethiopian Airline *919*12*071# 
2Africa World Airline *919*12*394# 
3Lufthansa Airline *919*12*220# 
4Egypt Airline *919*12*077# 
5Turkish Airline *919*12*235# 
6Qatar Airways *919*12*157# 
7British Airways *919*12*125# 
8KLM Royal Dutch Airline *919*12*74# 
9South African Airways  *919*12*83# 
10Etihad Airways *919*12*607# 
11Virgin Atlantic Airline *919*12*932# 
12Royal Air Morocco *919*12*147# 
13Rwanda Air *919*12*459# 
14Kenya Airways *919*12*706# 
15Delta Air Lines *919*12*6# 
16Air France *919*12*57# 
17Emirates *919*12*176# 

Other Transaction types and charges

S/NTransaction typeCodesCharge ()
1Pay Bills*919*5#100 +VAT
2ATM Cardless Withdrawal*919*30*Amount#100 + VAT
3Freeze Online Transactions*919*9#Free
4Open a Bank Account*919*20#Free
5Generate OTP*919*8#5
6Airline Tickets*919*12#50 + VAT
7Taxes and Levies*919*13#50 + VAT
8Block Debit Card*919*10#5
9Retrieve BVN*919*18#Free
10Check LCC e-tag balance*919*16*1#10.00
11Top-Up LCC e-tag*919*16*2#50 + VAT
12Request Bank Statement to Embassy*919*21#1,075 (flat fee) + 21 per page
13Request Bank Statement to Commercial banks and Fin. Inst.*919*21#₦42 per page
14View Mini Statement (last 5 transactions) Free
15Reset/Change PIN Free

I forgot my PIN. How can I change/reset my PIN?

Dial *919# and select ‘PIN Setup’ to change/reset your PIN

What are the transaction limits available on USSD?

The existing limits are:
PIN – N20,000 per transaction and per day
Token – N1m per transaction and per day (for customers with token but no indemnity)
Note: Airtime purchase has been limited to N5,000 per day and the only PIN authentication is required

Can I have both my account and prepaid card registered on the same profile?

You can only register with either your bank account or your prepaid card. You cannot have both registered on the same profile.

What do I need to qualify for this service?

You have to be enrolled for SMS alert and the number you are dialing the code from must be maintained on the account/prepaid card you are trying to enrolled.

Will I be charged when enrolling for the first time?

No, as a new user, enrolment is free. However, you will charged N6.98 per USSD session for subsequent transaction as an existing user.

How do I register for USSD (Magic Banking)?

There are two registration options:
To do this, dial *919# to see the Main Menu and select your desired option. If the user is not yet registered, she/he would be presented with registration options:
With UBA Account
With UBA Prepaid Card


      By activating your UBA transfer code, you gain access to a convenient and secure way to manage your finances on the go. This service is particularly beneficial for individuals who may not have consistent internet access or prefer a simpler method for everyday banking tasks.

      Remember, for any further assistance or queries related to the UBA transfer code or other banking services, you can always contact UBA customer care through their official website, mobile app, or by calling their dedicated helpline.

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