Compound interest calculator

Grow Your Money with Our Compound Interest Calculator!

This calculator helps you see the magic of compound interest on your savings or investments.

Input the following:

  • Initial Investment: The starting amount of your deposit.
  • Regular Contributions: The amount (if any) you plan to add regularly (monthly, yearly, etc.).
  • Interest Rate: The annual interest rate offered by your investment or savings account (as a percentage).
  • Compounding Frequency: How often the interest is calculated and added to your balance (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.).
  • Time Horizon: The total length of time you plan to invest.

Our calculator will then show you:

  • Future Value: The total amount of money you’ll have at the end, including both your original investment and the accumulated interest.
  • Total Interest Earned: The total amount of interest earned over the investment period.

See how small changes in interest rate or compounding frequency can significantly impact your future earnings!

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest Calculator