10 Top AdSense Alternatives to Supercharge Your Website Monetization (2024)

When it comes to website monetization, Google AdSense reigns supreme.

But what if you’re looking for alternatives?

Perhaps your application for AdSense was rejected, or maybe you’re seeking a platform with better ad formats, higher payouts, or more granular control.

10 Top AdSense Alternatives

Whatever the reason, there’s a wealth of excellent AdSense alternatives waiting to be explored.

This blog post, brought to you by Digiwallet, dives deep into the top 10 AdSense alternatives for 2024.

We’ll analyze each platform’s strengths, weaknesses, pricing models, and ideal user base to help you choose the perfect fit for your website.

What to Consider When Choosing an AdSense Alternative

Let’s address some key factors to consider when selecting an AdSense alternative:

  • Traffic Requirements: Do you have a large, established website, or are you just starting out? Some networks have minimum traffic requirements.
  • Ad Formats: What kind of ads do you want to display? Consider factors like user experience and the types of ads that complement your content.
  • Monetization Model: Most ad networks use Cost-per-Mill (CPM) – earnings per thousand impressions – or Cost-per-Click (CPC) – earnings per ad click – models. Some offer additional options like Cost-per-Action (CPA), where you earn based on a specific user action.
  • Payout Thresholds: How much money do you need to accumulate before you can withdraw your earnings?
  • Payment Methods: Does the platform offer convenient payout methods that suit your needs?

Top 10 AdSense Alternatives

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  1. Media.net:

This contextual advertising network is a strong contender, particularly for websites with English content and Tier 1 country traffic (US, Canada, UK, etc.). Media.net boasts access to Yahoo! and Bing searches, potentially leading to higher CPMs compared to AdSense. It offers a user-friendly interface and customizable ad formats.

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Things to Consider: Media.net might be stricter on approval criteria compared to some alternatives.

  1. Ezoic:

A Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), Ezoic is a comprehensive ad management platform that caters to publishers of all sizes. They leverage header bidding technology, essentially allowing your ad space to be auctioned off to multiple demand partners, potentially maximizing your revenue. Ezoic offers advanced ad optimization features and caters to websites with varying traffic levels.

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Things to Consider: Ezoic integrates deeply with your website, so some technical knowledge may be helpful for navigating the platform.

  1. PropellerAds:

PropellerAds is a popular choice for publishers seeking a wider variety of ad formats, including pop-unders, push notifications, and native ads. This platform excels at monetizing mobile traffic and offers high fill rates.

Things to Consider: The aggressive ad formats offered by PropellerAds might not be suitable for all websites, as they can potentially harm user experience.

  1. Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

If your website focuses on product reviews or e-commerce, Amazon Native Shopping Ads is a compelling option. This program seamlessly integrates Amazon product recommendations within your content, allowing users to discover and purchase relevant items.

Things to Consider: Your website traffic needs to be relevant to products sold on Amazon.

  1. Adsterra:

Adsterra is a versatile ad network offering a range of ad formats, including banners, pop-unders, and video ads. They cater to a broad publisher base and boast competitive payouts, with daily payouts available for publishers meeting the minimum threshold.

Things to Consider: Similar to PropellerAds, Adsterra’s ad formats might be intrusive for some users.

  1. Monumetric:
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This invitation-only ad network focuses on premium publishers with high-quality traffic. Monumetric offers header bidding technology, private marketplace deals with top brands, and expert support to maximize ad revenue.

Things to Consider: Gaining acceptance into Monumetric can be challenging, as they have high entry standards.

  1. Skimlinks:

Skimlinks is a unique ad network specializing in affiliate marketing. It automatically converts your existing product links into affiliate links, allowing you to earn commissions whenever someone makes a purchase through your website.

Things to Consider: Skimlinks’ success depends heavily on the quality and relevance of your product recommendations.

  1. Revcontent:

Revcontent is a leading native advertising platform that delivers high-quality, non-intrusive ads that blend seamlessly with your website content. This approach can enhance user experience while still generating revenue.

  • Things to Consider: Revcontent might be a better fit for websites with a strong focus on content and a visually appealing design, as native advertising relies heavily on aesthetics.
  1. BuySellAds:

BuySellAds caters to publishers seeking more control over their ad inventory. This platform operates as a marketplace where publishers can directly connect with advertisers, allowing for potentially higher CPMs through negotiated deals.

Things to Consider: BuySellAds requires a more hands-on approach from publishers, as you’ll need to actively find and manage advertiser relationships.

  1. Sovrn //Commerce (Previously VigLink):

Sovrn //Commerce is another affiliate marketing platform that focuses on e-commerce websites. It automatically identifies relevant products within your content and converts them into affiliate links, earning you commissions for qualified sales.

Things to Consider: Similar to Skimlinks, Sovrn //Commerce’s effectiveness depends on the quality and relevance of your product recommendations.

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The world of ad networks extends far beyond AdSense. By carefully considering your website’s traffic, content type, and target audience, you can choose an alternative that aligns perfectly with your monetization goals. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Experiment with different platforms, track your results, and don’t be afraid to diversify your income streams.

Here are some additional questions to ponder as you explore AdSense alternatives:

  • Do you prioritize user experience or maximizing revenue? Certain ad formats, like pop-unders, can generate high returns but might negatively impact user experience.
  • Are you comfortable with a more hands-on approach to ad management, or do you prefer a set-and-forget solution? Platforms like BuySellAds require more active management, while others offer automated ad serving.
  • What is your website’s growth potential? Consider scalability when choosing an ad network. Some platforms cater better to established websites with high traffic volumes, while others might be a better fit for smaller, growing websites.

By carefully evaluating these factors and the information provided in this blog post, you’ll be well-equipped to select the perfect AdSense alternative to supercharge your website monetization in 2024 and beyond.

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